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01 March, 2015
Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, 10 Vernon St, Brattleboro, VT Join us

Izdahar is pleased to announce that we will be organizing an exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum in Vermont featuring a selection of works by the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre. Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre is the setting of a unique experiment in Egyptian creative weaving that has produced tapestries admired and collected by museums and galleries around the world. The life work of its’ founder, Ramses Wissa Wassef, was dedicated to realizing the innate creativity of ordinary young Egyptian villagers.

The works will be shown as part of a textile exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum between March and June of 2015.

For more information on Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre: http://www.wissa-wassef-arts.com/

For more information on the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center and this specific exhibit: http://www.brattleboromuseum.org/